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  • Construction updates will be posted on the following page, as changes to the traffic scheme occur or when major construction activities change or conclude! 


The video below will walk you through the content on the website and project a brief project overview:

Project Overview

The proposed improvements along South Moreland Boulevard, Shaker Square and North Moreland Boulevard will include:

  • Repair and resurface the roadway.

  • Reconfigure Intersections 

    • Livingston Road

    • Ashwood Road 

    • Hampton Road

    • Buckeye Road/S. Woodland Road 

    • Drexmore Road 

  • Replace curbs, driveway aprons, sidewalks and curb ramps as needed.

  • Add ADA compliant curb ramps where they currently do not exist.

  • Reconstruct catch basins and reset utility castings.

  • Replace 7,000 feet of water main and install new connections, valves, and hydrants.

  • Install new high visibility pavement markings and signage, including bike lanes along South Moreland Boulevard and sharrows along North Moreland Boulevard. Parking lanes will remain along the entire corridor. 

  • Replace signals at Buckeye Road/S. Woodland Road and Drexmore Road intersections and remove the unwarranted signal at Ashwood Road.

  • Relocate and consolidate poles when possible (utility pole owners). 

Project Schedule:

Design Completed             September 2022
Bid/Award                            November/December 2022

Construction Starts             Spring 2023

Construction Duration        12 months

Estimated Construction Cost: $7.0 Million

Project Funding Sources:  Ohio Public Works Commission, Public Utilities, City Road & Bridge Bonds

Cleveland City Council Representatives:

  • Ward 4 – Councilmember Deborah A. Gray

Approximately 90% of project length, with the remaining length in Ward 6

  • Ward 6 – Council President Blaine A. Griffin

Approximately 10% of project length, from Buckeye Road to Drexmore Road, on the west side of South Moreland Boulevard

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